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Rumer Raines’ New Book

Zara West interviews Rumer Raines about her new book Dirty Assets

~ Sunflowers and the Mob ~

Rumer Raines, welcome back.  When Rumer was last here, we learned that she loved writing stories about hard-edged men with good hearts. Today she tells us more about herself and her new book Dirty Assests.

What are some of my favorite foods?    

I LOVE Italian food. I have honestly never had anything Italian that I didn’t enjoy. One of my favorite places in the world is Eataly, which is an Italian market. If you have one in your area, I highly recommend it!  Eataly offers Italian foods and it is just Delicious.

What are my favorite books? 

I don’t know if I could choose ONE book?  However, if I was stranded on an island and could only take one… I would have to chose Fifty Shades of Grey. Who doesn’t love a rich, powerful man that has a good heart?  Fifty Shades is the book that changed my views on the Romance Industry. I loved the dominant man who went after what he wanted.

What is my favorite flower?  

I love the sunflower.  It is big, bold and reminds me of sunshine. The sunflower reminds me of a happy place, where people just love each other.

What was the most interesting place you ever visited? 

 I am going to pick the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.  I am a little Mob obsessed, but the Mob Museum is a place anyone can visit! It was very interesting to learn the history of the mob and everything they were involved in. There was a wall of mob member pictures and some of them you would have NEVER guessed was associated with the mob. Some of the photos were even people you would recognize!

What other genres of novel would you love to write?

  I recently read a book from Adele Knight and she is an awesome Erotica writer.  It was pure smut, but she had a great story behind it. I would love to attempt to write Erotica.

Dirty Assets by Rumer RainesZara West interviews Rumer Raines about her new book Dirty Assets

Making money and getting laid.
Those are my priorities. 

Working at our bar, both come easily, especially when the last name Deluca ignites fear in anyone. Let’s just say, our business stays under the radar–as long as we have the means to silence anyone who thinks otherwise.

But when, Adele Day, our new waitress, comes along, she skyrockets to the top of my priority list.  With curves like hers, I know exactly what I want.  Turns out, Adele’s got secrets of her own.  And suddenly, she just might need the kind of help only the Delucas can grant.  Believe me, I am one dirty little asset she’s going to be lucky to have.

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Zara West interviews Rumer Raines about her new book Dirty AssetsMore about Rumer Raines




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  1. Lover your book’s tag line. I’ve been fascinated by the mob since I worked for the our state’s legisature’s Organized Crime committee. All I knew before that was what you saw on TV. Fascinating subject when you dig deep.

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