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Author Interview with Romance Author Rolynn Anderson

Zara West interviews romance author Rolynn Anderson, author of Cezanne's Ghost

~Traveling through Romance~

Today I am talking with fellow Wild Rose Rolynn Anderson, multi-published author of romantic suspense thrillers set in the wild and wonderful places she has visited.

Take it away Rolynn…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Scandinavian, Army Brat, Wife, English Teacher, High School Principal, Golfer, Boater, World Traveler, Author.  Now add a competitive nature and a love for ‘makeovers.’  As a principal, I hired a wonderful staff and opened a cutting-edge high school; as co-captain with my husband on INTREPID, I cruised from Washington State to Alaska and back.  As a writer, I delight in creating imperfect characters faced with extraordinary, transforming challenges.  My hope: You’ll devour my ‘makeover’ suspense novels in the wee hours of the morning, because my stories, settings and characters, capture your imagination and your heart.

Is there an event in your life that affected you as a writer?

Retirement from Education.  I loved being an educator for thirty years, but I wanted to test out my ability to write fiction novels, the kind I love to read.  I started writing in 2001, got published in 2011 and I haven’t looked back, since.  I’m writing my ninth novel as we speak.  And no, I am no longer retired.  Writing and publishing is a full time job.  I’m enjoying the ride so far, and I’m determined to finish a novel and one quarter every year until I croak!

Can you tell us about any other upcoming books, series, or writing plans?

FIRE IS NICE is my next book, set in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.  I have just returned from a fact-finding trip to these parks, with a wealth of information to help me tweak a story that is about 3/4th finished.  Oh my, what a location for a novel…the giant forest where fire truly nurtures the Sequoia’s much like fire helps with human relationships…what better location could I choose?  Get ready for heat in FIRE IS NICE!

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

I’m lucky to have brilliant siblings whose careers are FULL of interesting details.  One brother is a West Point grad who fought in Desert Storm and later worked as a government contractor, helping to defeat the effects of IED’s (bombs) on our troops; another, a geologist, takes contracts on government projects through a private company.  They lead exciting lives and give me good ideas for my novels.

Will you have a new book coming out soon? Do you know the release date?

As I described above, FIRE IS NICE should be out in December or January.  I’m thrilled about this story, set in Sequoia/Kings National Parks and focused on an FBI agent who suffered the most interesting injury on duty you can ever imagine!

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

The barista at my local Starbucks is a budding writer at age 28.  I say to him: ‘Write every day. I mean, every single day.’  We become good writers by flexing the writing muscles…every day.  Each morning he asks me:  Did you write today?  I ask him the same question.  Commitment to the art early on, is vital!

Is there anything special that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Feedback is everything and reviews feed the algorithms.  Readers: Tell Amazon what you are thinking about the books you read.  Your opinions matter!

BLURBZara West Interviews romance author Rolynn Anderson, author of Cezanne's Ghost

Cézanne’s Ghost

by Rolynn Anderson 


Three young American women vanish in Aix-en-Provence, France.

The FBI suspects their American tour guide.

Leon Beaudet, formerly a U.S. Olympic wrestler, is proud of his five-star guide business, but when tourists disappear on his watch, the FBI dredges up a violent episode in Leon’s past and tap him for the crime. Worse, his new tour group includes Aline Kerig, who is as beautiful and carefree as the three missing women. Leon is fascinated and puzzled by Aline even while he fears for her safety. She refuses to go back to the States, forcing the FBI and local police to involve her in the hunt.

With the French tourist industry about to collapse and Leon as a prime suspect, how does he protect Aline and find his lost tourists?

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Cézanne’s Ghost (E-book and paperback)


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  1. I’m happy to be visiting Zara’s blog today. She has great interview questions…makes a person think hard about major moves in a lifetime. Thanks for hosting me!

  2. Barbara Bettis says:

    Loved getting to know you better, Rolynn! And what an accomplished family you have.–Ready sourcing 🙂 Good luck with your latest release!

    • Barbara, thanks so much for the compliments. I don’t know if this is just my experience, but relatives aren’t necessarily our reading audience…some aren’t even readers. Kind of shocking for me. Anyway, getting my family involved has helped them understand me and my writing…and I’ve gotten to know more about their careers. All big wins!

  3. sarah andre says:

    Hello ladies! Taking a break from the near-catastrophe of Irma to say hello and that I love today’s blog.
    Hi Rolynn!! “I knew you when…”

    • Oh, Sarah! So good to hear from you. That video of you driving home was one horrible obstacle course. I can’t believe how many trees went down! But it sounds like your house is still solid and after clean-up in your neighborhood, life can resume. I know other parts of the country (OMG the Virgin Island really suffered!) are going to take longer to dig out.

      Anyway, back to our writing ‘thang’. Can’t wait to read your new book and find out what you’re working on now. Take good care and keep that damn gator away from your pups! Rolynn

  4. Patsy says:

    Interesting life and I must say the book sounds terrific. Good luck with sales!

    • Patsy, thank you for the feedback. Just as we don’t get to choose our genetic structure, those first 20 years of our lives are pretty much determined by our parents’ ‘moves.’ I’m lucky I got a jump-start enjoying other cultures, an appreciation for what the world offers to us. I’m happy when my books take my readers on international jaunts…it’s a way to pay my luck forward!

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