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October 29, 2016
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November 2, 2016
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I Am Ready to Write Within the Skin!

Ready to Write Blank Page

Ready. Set. Go.

Within the Skin zarawestsuspense.comStarting tomorrow I will begin working on Book 3 in the Skin Quartet series Within the Skin. This is the romantic suspense love story of Toro and Fur Tree and focuses on street art. El Toro is such a complex character I can wait to get her down on paper. So…

Got my plot. Got my characters. Got my GMC outline. Got my alarm set. Everything appears ready for me to dive in and write my first 2000 words (Technically you need to write 1533 a day for NaNoWri, but I aim for 2000 words a day – that way I get ahead a bit for the days I can’t write for some reason or other.)

Problem is I also have a dentist appointment, a sister visiting from Scotland, the last broccoli and chard to harvest from the garden, and pizza night with the whole family. Not to mention constant interruptions from children, husband, and telephones. I don’t want to hear one more political robot, please!

See that’s one of the problems with being a writer. You do everything to get into the flow and then BAM something happens to interrupt or distract, and if you haven’t reached your word total, you’re cooked. Or at least I am.

Here are somethings I do to get back into the flow.

  1. Do a 1 mile walk, either outside or inside (I use Walk at Home with Leslie Samsome). As I walk I start to think myself back into the story.
  2. I type some gibberish until the flow starts up. It’s a fast draft. Plenty of words will be cut before it’s done.
  3. I reread the last paragraph I wrote (no more than that or I get into edit mode and my writing speed slows to a crawl)
  4. I reread my outline – especially the dilemma.
  5. I do a journal entry in the POV character’s voice about what they think should happen next.
  6. I skip to the next exciting event.
  7. I give up and promise to write more words the next day by getting up earlier.(My most usual choice.)

Anyone have any other suggestions on how deal with interruptions while fast drafting?

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