Zara West Romance

The Skin Quartet

Book 1

Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin

Bella Bell has disappeared, and Melissa Dermot believes it's all her fault. After all, the popular Williamsburg, Brooklyn tattoo artist has been helping her save abused women. But what Melissa doesn't know is that searching for her friend will put her in the path of two men—one who wants her heart and one who wants her dead. Read more...

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  • "The attraction between them is palpable and alluring making me want to see them go deeper than surface appearances to find something truly unique and beautiful. The description of the characters was detailed as were their back stories so I truly felt I knew them individually." - Heather Guimond Bookery Bytes

  • "The plot draws one in with suspense, twists and turns, sizzling chemistry, and smoldering romance. This suspense-laden love story will appeal to readers of many genres and leave one satisfied as they reach the conclusion to this intriguing and entertaining read." - Janna Shay  InD'tale Magazine

  • From cover to cover, this book is a unique take on the romantic mystery suspense genre and I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to jump into another Zara West spine and nether regions tingler." - Angel Hart Hart's Reader Pulse

  • "Although we do see how true beauty can lie beneath a scarred beast, we also see how an ugly monster can lie within a supposed beauty of a man....There’s an interesting twist at the end which will sort of throw you for a loop, not to mention an unbelievably intense and exciting final confrontation that will have you gripping the edges of your Kindle in anticipation." - Lauren Syzmanski  Romance4theBeach

  • "This novel will keep you up at night devouring the word-painted scenes of love and murder and suspense. Can’t wait for the next book in the The Skin Quartet series."  - The Rose  5 Star Amazon review

  • I love smart, sophisticated romantic suspense stories that are not cookie cutter. Beneath the Skin exceeded all my expectations. Loved it!!! - S.A.H.  5 Star Amazon Reader

Book 2

Close to the Skin

Close to the Skin

When the ex-international crime boss she once loved is taken hostage by his former partner in crime, a Williamsburg, Brooklyn tattoo artist must decide to run for cover or risk her life to save him. Read more...

Book 3

Within the Skin

After a life on the streets, the graffiti artist known as El Toro is on the cusp of fame and fortune. There is a major art show at a renowned galley, a spread in the New York Times Arts section, a slew of television appearances scheduled.

But El Toro's brother has gone missing. Dare she reveal her secret to save him even though it means she will lose the only man she has ever loved?

Book 4

Under the Skin

A street artist must decide to save the life of the woman who murdered his twin brother or despite his passionate love for her, let her die at the hands of his worst enemy.