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Meet Awesome Author Lainee Cole

Captured by Christmas New book by Lainee Cole as interviewed by Zara West

~ A Little Holiday Romance ~

Just in time for the holidays comes a Christmas love story by awesome romance author Lainee Cole. Today she tells us a little about herself and her Christmas anthology.

Welcome, Lainee…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a Midwestern girl, originally from Ohio but I’ve also lived in Michigan and Illinois. I escaped for one year to California, but while I enjoyed it there, I missed the changing seasons and returned to Illinois. Now that it’s winter, remind me, why did I want to be back in Illinois?

I’m the oldest (some would say bossiest) of five kids. I have a mixed marriage – I’m a Cardinals fan, and Hubby is a Cubs fan – but we’ve managed to resolve any other issues in our 27 year marriage.  Our 25 year old daughter drives a dirt-modified race-car, and our 21 year old son doesn’t like to tell his mother anything. My favorite TV shows are Survivor and House Hunters. Besides writing and reading, I enjoy scrapbooking, hiking, and camping. I love horses and dogs, but am allergic to cats. At work, they call me Queen of Chocolate because I am never without a stash of chocolate!

What are some of your favorite things? Foods. Flowers. Books. Whatever.

I love this question – shades of The Sound of Music! These are a few of my favorite things (in no particular order):

Being surrounded by my family. Spending time with friends. Reading romances, animal stories, and biographies. Chocolate.  Old houses. Horses. Dogs. Hiking. Camping. Photography. Scrapbooking. Walking the beach. Lilacs, roses, and wildflowers. The old west. The smell of rain. Walking in new-fallen snow at dusk. Scooby-Doo. Mint-chocolate chip ice cream. Visiting places I used to live. Watching deer in the parks where we hike. And I can’t forget writing!

What was the most interesting place you ever visited?

I love it out west. We went to the Badlands and the Black Hills on our honeymoon and have made several trips out west since then. When we visited Deadwood, SD, we took a tour of a brothel that had been in operation as late as 1980, when it was shut down after a raid. It was fascinating to learn about the lives of the women who worked there; to see the way they lived. I’ve always loved western movies and stories, so visiting a historical town like Deadwood was awesome. Lots of history there!

How did you come up with the title?

THE MISTLETOE EFFECT is the title of my story in CAPTURED BY CHRISTMAS, an anthology with Lynn Crandall. I wanted a title reflecting our Christmas theme, but one that also represented an important part of my story. I made a list of words related to Christmas and then tried out different phrases. Mistletoe and Holly were the two words I kept coming back to, so I decided to name the little girl in my story Holly, and the shelter dog Mistletoe. Mistletoe has an effect not only on Holly, but her father and her teacher as well, so THE MISTLETOE EFFECT seemed like the perfect title.

Can you tell us about any other upcoming books, series, or writing plans?

AT MIDNIGHT, an anthology with Lynn Crandall and Rena Koontz, was released October 2. The clock is ticking in all three stories. My story, MIDNIGHT CASANOVA, is a contemporary romance about a stray dog named Casanova.  Lynn’s story is about a bird-shifter, and Rena’s story is about a female cop. Contemporary, paranormal romantic suspense, and romantic suspense all rolled into one! It’s available here:

I’m also editing a full-length contemporary romance tentatively titled FUGITIVE HEART. I hope to submit it for publication soon.

Is there anything special that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

Thank you! I received some wonderful comments and messages from readers who enjoyed THE MISTLETOE EFFECT. I really appreciate you reading my story and letting me know you enjoyed it!  If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out at  I hope you enjoy MIDNIGHT CASANOVA in our AT MIDNIGHT anthology just as much!

The Mistletoe Effect by Lainee ColeCAPTURED BY CHRISTMAS – A Christmas Anthology

It’s Christmas, and the season of holly, Christmas trees, and goodwill is drifting on air in merry holiday wishes. Romantic suspense and paranormal author Lynn Crandall and contemporary author Lainee Cole present in their own way two stories of love in Captured by Christmas. However it finds you—under a Christmas tree or drifted in snow in a backwoods cabin—the spirit of the season will wrap you in love.

In SNOWBOUND, Lynn Crandall lets readers check in on favorite Fierce Hearts series were-lynx characters Kennedy Mitchell and Asher Monroe as they uncover the identity of the creature scaring the humans in Octavia, a small rural community in northern Michigan. Plans for an intimate getaway and family-style holiday are crumbling as the snow piles higher and Kennedy and Asher find themselves snowbound with a killer outside their door.

In THE MISTLETOE EFFECT, by Lainee Cole, Christmas is second-grade teacher Tess McCall’s least favorite holiday, but she’s doing her best not to let it show. Learning he’s a father to seven-year-old Holly makes Alex Randle anxious about the upcoming holidays. When Tess’s class starts reading to shelter dogs, Holly and the antics of shelter dog Mistletoe lead them all to rediscover the magic of Christmas.


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Do you like Christmas-themed romances?

Lainee would love to hear from you. Post your comments and questions below.


  1. Lainee Cole says:

    Thank you so much for hosting me today!

  2. Love the post! I think Christmas romances are a perfect holiday read.

  3. Ilona Fridl says:

    I’m a native Angelino who now lives in Wisconsin. I loved the weather in California, but where my family is, is home. Your story sounds perfect for Christmas. Best of luck on the book! By the way, I have a book set in Tombstone which is one of my favorite places.

    • Lainee Cole says:

      Ilona, thank you for stopping by! I agree with you – it’s hard to feel at home with no family around. I’m interested to know more about your book!

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