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C. F. Francis has a new romantic suspense for us

~ A Romance to Warm You Up ~

Awesome Romance Author C. F. Francis is back today to tell us about her newest romantic suspense: Lover’s Key.  Back in July, C. F. Francis shared with us how she researches her military suspenses and why she sets them in her native Florida. You can read my interview with her here.

So read on to learn more about her newest book. Hint: For those of you residing in the cold north (or anywhere), it may be just the hot, sexy, suspense read you need to keep you warm this winter.

Hi Zara,

Thank you for inviting me back to talk about the release of Lovers Key.  I’m excited about the second novel in The James Gang series.  I had hoped to have it available this past fall, but things don’t always work out the way we plan.  After some additional revisions, Lovers Key celebrated its book birthday on November 27 in both e-book and paperback formats.

Lovers Key is the story of Lt. Stephen Brody and Josette Boussard.  I’m not going to give away any spoilers, though.   Readers of Sanctuary Island will probably remember Steve.  A Lieutenant in the Special Forces, Steve served under Colton James before Colt left the service.   Strong, handsome and with a love for speed, he swept Josie into a relationship before she knew what hit her.   Now, with that relationship fractured, she’s running for her life, and Josie won’t trust anyone but Steve to save her.  That’s enough of a teaser….

The story takes place on Sanibel Island and, of course, Lovers Key.  Lovers Key is a state park located between the Gulf of Mexico and Estero Bay, a little bit south of Sanibel.   Its beauty makes the perfect setting for the climax of the novel…and since we have two lovers and one of them has the key to the mystery, how could it not be the title?  (Oh, and the bar mentioned in Lovers Key?  OMG.  I can attest to the scrumptiousness and potency of their strawberry, lemon-drop martinis.  Research, of course.)

I hope you will enjoy Lovers Key and check out my Facebook page for updates on the next book in the series.  The working title is Man-of-War.  That title is growing on me as are the characters.

Thanks again, Zara, for inviting me to talk about my new release.  I wish you and your readers a beautiful and safe holiday season.

C. F. Francis talks about ehr romantic suspense Lover's Key on Zara West's BlogBlurb

Lovers Key by C. F. Francis

Josette Boussard is on the run—running toward the only person she can trust, the only man she’s ever loved.  Beaten, battered and off the grid, Josie has no idea who is after her but it has something to do with a message that was sent to her by a friend—a friend who is now missing.

After attending the wedding of his former Special Forces commander, Lieutenant Steve Brody has decided it’s time to track down Josie and settle things between them.  The status of their “marriage” has remained in limbo long enough.  But before he leaves Sanibel Island in search of her, an unconscious Josie is literally dropped into his arms.

While Steve and Josie deal with the issues that have kept them apart, they must also work to discover who is hunting Josie—because it has become increasingly clear that the price for the information she possesses is her life.

Lovers Key Reviews:

“…this is a book that will keep you up reading “one more chapter”.  Her suspenseful finishes never fail to hold a surprise.”

“…well-drawn characters. Smooth dialogue, sexual tension, and thrilling scenarios.”

“Sultry and steamy”

Sanctuary Island by C. F. FrancisSanctuary Island Reviews:

“Fantastic Read…”

“Suspenseful, Quick-paced, Hot…and Steamy”

“Highly recommend to lovers of romance and suspense…”

“Kudos to this new author…One to watch”

Learn more about C. F. FrancisRomance Author C. F. Francis on Zara West's Blog

Twitter @Francis_Sanibel

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  1. Zara West says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Can’t wait to read your new book.

    • Thank you, Zara, for having me as a guest and reading/reviewing Sanctuary Island. You are extremely generous with your time when it comes to authors. Thanks, again, and have a safe holiday season.

  2. Cat Dubie says:

    Lovers Key sounds like a terrific place, especially for us cold Northerners. And the book sounds intriguing and exciting. Good luck with it!

    • Thank you, Cat. I’m smiling because the name of heroine in my initial novel, Sanctuary Island, is Cat (short for Catherine). I appreciate the kind words and hope you have the time during this busiest of season to relax and take a mental holiday with a good book. Lovers Key is a beautiful place as is Sanibel. The area makes for a perfect backdrop to steamy, tropical reads. Have a great holiday and thanks for stopping by.

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