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Book Club Talks & Workshops

Would you like Zara to come talk to your reading group or give a workshop for readers or writers? Zara is always looking for new events, venues, and conferences to explore. Contact Zara today to have her join your book club or writing chapter via ZOOM video conferencing or invite her to show up in person!.  Enter “Book Club” or “Writer’s Group” in the subject of the note.

Book Signings

Zara is now available for book signings. E-mail her to set up a date. A percentage of the puchase price for every book is donated to the Fresh Start Tattoo Removal Project.

Online and In-Person Workshops – now available as ZOOM video conferences

With a background in the arts and education, Zara offers presentations for libraries, bookstores, readers’ circles, writing groups, and conferences. Here are some she has given in the past.

 Create a Story Bible for your Novel or Book Series:Zara West Story Bible

Do you lose track of what you write? Can’t remember what color car the criminal was driving in your romantic suspense? Forgot the name of the tavern the coach stopped at in book 2 of your Regency trilogy? Can’t remember the skill set of each of the six demons in your paranormal series?

Are you always searching back and forth through your draft or last book for this bit of detail or that? If you’re writing a series or a complex novel with multiple characters, subplots, and setting details, take a trick from screen writers and create a Story Bible as you write.

In this workshop, we will look at a variety of analog and digital frameworks for creating your own Story Bible and then proceed step-by-step through the process of creating the documents needed to keep track of all those pesky story details in your current or planned WIP with a minimum of time and effort.

Let’s Party on Facebook  

Next offering: September 17-30, 2017 Hosted by Southern Tier Authors of Romance

Ever attended a Facebook Party? If you have, you know that holding an event on Facebook can be a great way to stir up interest in your book, your website, and your blog. Whether you are a multi-published author with a new book release, a first-time author bringing out your first book, or a pre-published author hoping to build up name recognition and followers, this workshop is for you. Together, we will explore the many different formats and options for holding a Facebook party, we will critique a sampling of book-related parties, and then using what you learn, you will create all the graphics and posts needed to host your own Facebook party.

Using the Arts to Intensify Plot, Setting, and Character. This is a hands-on workshop in which participants create artworks, music, dramatizations, and creative movements to deepen their understanding of the story they are writing or reading.

Bullet Journaling for Readers and Writers. Can’t remember the title of the book you Zara West Bullet Journalingloved last month? Wish you could track your reading and discover which genre is really your favorite? Want to write reviews for Goodreads and Amazon? Try bullet journaling. It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s a creative way to express yourself. If you love coloring books, you will love this workshop!

What Makes a Romantic Suspense Suspenseful? Did you know that someone has to be murdered or almost murdered for a book to be considered a suspense? Yet, despite all the bloody stuff, there still needs to be a powerful love story and a happy ending. Putting these two things together is a challenge. This presentation is rich in graphic tools, organizers, and artistic inspiration for writers of all levels and all approaches to the written page who want to explore this best selling genre.

Infusing the Senses into Your Writing Using the latest research in perceptual development, this workshop focuses on the eight (yes eight!) senses and how to weave them seamlessly into your writing to heighten emotion, deepen character, and create memorable settings.

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