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Meet Up-and-Coming Author Claudia Blood

~ The Secret to Successful Blogging ~

I have a special treat for my readers today. Claudia Blood is not yet published, but I can guarantee she soon will be. She has a wicked sense of humor and is putting it to use writing otherwordly fantasies with a Happily Ever After. Today she has some point-on advice for how to be a successful blogger.


Zara, thank you for inviting me to post on your blog…

Now About Blogging

by Claudia Blood

It’s considered common knowledge that to be a successful blogger, you need to be consistent. For me to be consistent I needed two things: shorter pieces and a fun theme.

Short was easy. Full-time job, a household, and small kids did not leave much time for writing novels or blogging.

But what about a fun theme? I took stock of the things I wanted to write about. I came up with writing, kids, and inspirational. There were already so many fabulous blogs about writing. So I stumbled along struggling to come up with content. The kids say funny things all the time, but writing them down so I remembered them was another thing. And inspirational? Enough said about that.

One day I sat at Bakers Square, a local eatery and weekly writer meeting location, gobbling a slice of my favorite mint brownie pie, and lamenting that my squirrels— my dastardly distractors—were on the rampage. How could there be so many new science articles? And new Kick Starters? And FB updates? And…

My writing buddy brought together her second, third fingers, and thumb and said to me, “You need Focus Fox.”

I had never heard of Focus Fox, but I loved the idea.

Claudia Blood shares her blogging secret

She was right. In the space of an hour Focus Fox had a bio and had become my first guest blogger. Now every Wednesday Focus Fox offers his take on old proverbs and famous quotes. I’d be thrilled if I could say that the squirrels met Focus Fox and disappeared. Sadly (or not), the squirrels remain a major part of my life and have even requested their own time slot. Maybe if they had a forum to show the random things they uncover, that might distract them from distracting me.

I do feel the stirring of another critter. I am not sure yet what it might be—a dragon? A werewolf? a purple pony?— but I am sure they will pipe in something fantastical.

If you’re thinking of blogging yourself, consider my strategy—short, sweet, and a new persona that will let you go beyond your comfort zone. Maybe your own Focus Fox will help you write more, write stronger, and write fun.

Claudia Blood and the Secret About BloggingAbout Claudia Blood

Claudia Blood, fiction writer, mom, geek, D&D player, lives in the Midwest and is fascinated with squirrels, especially the imaginary ones.  She enjoys making up stories just for the look on people’s faces. She usually doesn’t let them believe for long.


If you would like to get to know Focus Fox better, visit Claudia’s Blood’s website. 

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